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Textiles : Rajasthani textiles come in a fascinating range ot dyed and block-printed fabric which are further. embellished by embroidery. Stunning, unusual combinations of scarlet and shocking pink, purple and orange, turquoise and parrot green, saffron and crimson, shot with gold and silver steal the limelight. Rajasthan is the heartland of hand-block printing. Sanganer in Jaipur is virtually flooded with block makers and printers. The art of Khan or overprinting in gold is also practised here. Today, traditional vegetable and mineral'dyes are gradually being replaced by chemical ones.

Paintings : The Miniature Paintings of Rajsthan which had flourishedunder princely patronage are still reproduced and descendants of the original craftsmen continue to produce miniture masterpieces, retaining their classic elegance . They are often made on hand made paper mathological the ms from Ramayana, Krishna Lila, Ragamala, and Geetgovinda are commonly used . In the paintaings , Vivdly rendred are hills valleys, gardens, palaces, court scenes and relifious processions.
Jewellery : Each area has its own unique style that follows the age-old traditions. Be it the regal and classic forms of jewellery adorned by the Royals, Aristocrats and Nobles done in real Gold, Platinum with precious stones embedded to lend glamour or the rural who prefer the reasonable, chunky Silver or the cheap metal with coloured glass cuts to give it an effect.

Some of the most charming and attractive hand crafted jewellery comes from Rajasthan. Rajasthan is famous for its jewellery industry and it is one of the world's largest centre for hand-cutting of gems. It is India's important source for precious and semi precious stones like; Ruby , Emerald , Garnets , Agate , Amethyst , Topaz , Lapis lazuli , Carnelian , etc.

Blue Pottery : Jaipur is the home of glazed Blue - Pottery which has its origins in Persia. Its distinctive feature is that no clay is used.
It is used out of a mixture of Fuller's earth. Quartz and Sodium Sulphite.
The special turquoise blue colour comes with the addition of Copper Sulphate and the deep blue from Cobait Oxide.

The blue - pottery articles like flower vases, pots and jars, surahis, lampstands and even doorknobs, are decorated with traditional and arabesque motifs of animals, birds & flowers and are a shopper's deligh

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We express colorful rajasthan
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